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Yeast infection or Chlamydia?

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I always thought yeast infections and chlamydia were the same thing, but I recently had my first yeast infection and my friend said it was probably from wearing a pad for too long. I’m wondering what the difference is, since they’ve always seemed similar to me. How I can avoid future yeast infections?
-Confused about Candida 

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This question was originally asked October 1st, 2013

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How I Let Street Harassers Into My Head—and How I Got Them Out

“This is the story of how I stopped letting street harassment get to me. It’s hard to pinpoint when exactly it started to affect me, but one moment definitely stands out. I was waiting at a bus stop wearing a strapless shirt and shorts when a guy yelled out, “I’d love to bend you over,” and no one reacted.”

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This article originally posted September 30, 2013