“Sometimes, when I touch myself, I can feel my pulse in my clitoris.”

teal 150 Beautiful contribution from Larissa Pham over at The Ellipses Project. Highly recommend reading the whole post here.

“We grow up with so many parts of us surrounded in shame, in should-be’s, in hairless pink ideals, in this is gross and don’t touch there and no one wants you. We grow up learning to fear our bodies, mask their smells, hide their presence, pretend our lower halves don’t exist. I just mistyped that as “lover halves” and thought about keeping it. We grow up with shame/pleasure/shame. We ought not to feel so. We ought not to let our bodies keep secrets from us; we ought not to keep our bodies secret from ourselves. It is weird to go seventeen, eighteen, nineteen years without properly seeing yourself.”

via CLITORIS, VAGINA, MAJORA, MINORA | The Ellipses Project.

No Child Born With HIV

teal 150“Over 1,000 babies are born every day with HIV. But the plain truth is this can all be prevented. We now have the medicine and the treatment to stop the spread of HIV from mother to child. We can reach the goal of no child born with HIV by 2015, but it won’t happen without you.”

No Child Born With HIV – YouTube.

“I like my body because it’s magic”

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“By the age of 13, 53 percent of girls say they are unhappy with their bodies. When were they happy? In order to find out, Marie C. photographed and interviewed girls between the ages of four and eight and asked them what they liked about their bodies. These girls share wisdom the rest of us have forgotten.”

Sofia“I like my body because it’s magic”jeniah “I like my body. I like my eyes because they help me see different things. I also like my hands because they help me write different things. I also like my feet because they help me walk and have fun. My name is Jeniah and I’m 8-years-old!


Lana“Something I like about my body is how fast I can run, and how healthy I am.”

Laila“I like my hands they help draw.” 

“I like my eyes. It changes colors and I can see everything. I like my legs too. They are very long.”

“I like my body because it’s magic”.