Archie Comics features their first gay kiss

teal 150

As someone who grew up addicted to Archie Comics this is really exciting news!


Back in 2010 Archie Comics introduced their first openly gay character, Kevin Keller, and he quickly become a regular and fan-favourite member of the gang with his first appearance resulting in Archie Comics’ first-ever second printing of an issue. Three years later the comic will finally show Kevin kissing his boyfriend! The decision to include a kiss was apparently inspired by a protest against the comics in which the organization One Million Moms was outraged by Kevin Keller’s issues being on display at Toys R Us.

I’ve yet to pick up my own copies of Kevin’s issues so I can’t really offer more personal thoughts but in the meantime here’s an interview from with Dan Parent, the comic book artist who created Kevin Keller, on his introduction, controversies they’ve faced, and Kevin’s upcoming kiss!

If you’re looking for more here is a Reddit AMA Dan Parent did a few months back. Woo!


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