red 150

Came across this amazing documentary by filmmaker Stu Maddux called Gen Silent, which tells the story of aging LGBT people who are now struggling because of homophobia, discrimination and fear in care facilities. Through heartbreaking interviews you’ll learn about why many fear seeking care in their later years and why some are choosing to go back in the closet to receive it. In a time that can already be extremely difficult, LGBT elders are facing increased levels of isolation and depression. 

The documentary encourages people to pay attention to its subjects and to remember that we will all face the challenges of the aging some day and in some ways.

“You have a whole generation of people who don’t know who we are, and that’s really sad. Because you’re missing out on a lot. We know a lot, we did a lot for you. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for us.”

The documentary can be purchased online from the Gen Silent website but in the meantime you can watch this amazing trailer for the film:

Gen Silent Trailer from Stu Maddux on Vimeo.

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