Centrefold: Labiaplasty and the women who get it

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How do you feel about your labia? In the animated short doc Centrefold, 3 women share their experiences and reasons for getting labiaplasty – a procedure to alter the labia minora and/or labia majora.

Many women grow up feeling shame when it comes to their genitals and anything associated with them (menstruation, masturbation, etc.) so it’s no surprise that labiaplasty exists and is growing in popularity.

Like with many elective surgeries it can be easy to dismiss labiaplasty as another way for people to change whatever they dislike about themselves, but as expressed in Centrefold, women have different reasons for desiring the surgery and they don’t all come down to wanting a “perfect” vagina. Some do have the procedure for cosmetic purposes, while others do it to relieve physical discomfort when their labia are naturally long and can make activities like sexual activity, exercise, and even wearing certain every day clothing painful. 

Whatever the reasons, Centrefold doesn’t aim to take a stance but rather to explore and help women make the decisions that are best and healthiest for them.

What do you think about labiaplasty? Is there a “right” or “wrong” reason to have the procedure?

Centrefold from Ellie Land on Vimeo.

via Centrefold on Vimeo.

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