Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment

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I’m really excited about the website Hollaback! for many reasons. The biggest is that I recently had the idea of starting a tumblr or something similar to encourage people to openly share their stories of street harassment. The goal was (and still is) to expose more people (than only the ones who experience it) to the realities of street harassment. Whenever I’ve shared stories of my experiences I can’t help but notice how genuinely shocked my male friends often are by the situations I’ve experienced, and how truly sad it is that these just end up being unfortunate daily occurrences.

So I was really excited and happy to learn that someone out there has already taken action to share those stories! Check out Hollaback! and get involved. Most importantly think about your own creative ways to contribute to the end of street harassment. Refuse to be a silent bystander when you witness harassment, and share your stories rather than accepting them.

Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment.

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