The Censorship of “Mean Girls”

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This article was posted quite a while ago by Hello Giggles but I think it’s still worth a read.

a few months ago MTV aired the movie Mean Girls with a surprising and oddly selective amount of censorship. Most notably the words “homosexual,” “gay,” “lesbian,” and “vagina” were censored, while “whore” and “slut” were not. As the author points out they were interesting censorship choices given that “the film is about the problematic ways in which young women behave towards each other.”


I find it depressing that a movie like Mean Girls would need any censorship at all. Youth see much worse, often without a positive message attached to it, which Mean Girls does have. Not to mention many of them are likely seeing very similar situations at school for themselves where nothing is often done.

If you’ve never seen Mean Girls I highly recommend it as a film for anyone who has ever known a “mean girl” or been one themselves – two categories I assume EVERYONE falls into. Oh and it’s totally worth it to see Lindsay Lohan’s last good performance…

The Censorship of “Mean Girls”: What Was MTV Thinking?.

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