Academic Men Explain Things to Me

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I recently came across this tumblr “Academic Men Explain Things to me,” a collection of women’s stories of times they were mansplained.

According to the tumblr “mansplaining doesn’t mean explaining while male; it means explaining while assuming you know more because you’re male.” An article from The Atlantic called “A cultural history of mansplaining” also describes it as “explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman.”


What I especially like about this tumblr is that it encourages women to share their experiences of times they felt someone mansplained them, putting emphasis on personal lived experiences:

“this site does not exist to determine what counts as mansplaining but rather to give women a forum to recount their experiences. Rather than trying to predetermine the line between sexism in general and mansplaining in particular, we prefer to include the range of posts we receive and let readers consider the demarcations themselves. ”


There are some ridiculous stories posted by women about experiences in all kinds of life situations, including my personal favourite in which two men try to explain to two women how tampons work and get it completely wrong.

Have you ever mansplained someone or had it done to you? Sometimes it’s easier and more effective to call someone out on it when they’re not doing it to you so start paying attention and trying to acknowledge if you see it happening.

Be sure to also check out Rebecca Solnit’s essay “Men Explain things to me” for more information on mansplaining!

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