Why Are Some Men Pulling Out Women’s IUDs?

red 150
Here’s an article from Jezebel on something we don’t hear about very often: Reproductive Abuse and Coercion. We’ve all heard something here or there about so-and-so’s partner poking holes in condoms, or lying about being on birth control but this article talks more about abusive practices of not allowing the use of birth control, sometimes by physically and aggressively taking it away or out of someone. Anyone else feel a little nauseous thinking about an IUD getting pulled out?  *shiver*

Some of the comments on this article are also pretty great. Among the many complaints of nausea, vagina trembling, and “this made my vagina hurt,” my personal favourite comes from Mrs. Beeton who said:

“Often, it’s about taking away choices, taking away freedom, control and self-esteem.” Who do these abusive partners think they are, state legislators?

While an interesting topic, it’s super important to note that reproductive coercion and abuse are not something only men engage in, although this article really only presents that perspective. Anyone can be doing this to anyone else regardless of gender.

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